Covid 19

March 26th update

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, I will be unable to carry out  home and office visits.

Where possible I can help via remote access, charged at the normal hourly rate.

I can give basic help and advice over the phone

I can collect computers, if left in a safe place.

If you need help in setting up computers from home to access work computers etc I can help in most cases.

I will continue doing this until the Government advises otherwise.

Ricky Halpin

Halpins Computer Services

07968 961323


Computer Repairs during COVID-19.

During this tricky time, if you are worried about the  COVID-19. we have a solutions that might help.

For the time being we will still do onsite calls, but do ask you that you let me know if anyone in your home or office are displaying symptoms to let us know in advance of calling out.

 If you feel unwell, please do not request any home/office visits until you are feeling better as a precaution

We do offer a Remote Assistance facility which can help you to get your computer back up and running if you have an internet connection.

Using remote access software, you can give us permission to perform certain repairs and cleanups remotely.

The way it works;

  1. You Download remote access software, we will instruct you how to do this.
  2. Give us permission to access the computer via the one time code generated by the software
  3. We fix  the problem


If you are not sure if your problem can be solved remotely, give us a call and we can talk about it on the telephone.

This way we all remain safe.

Remote access is charged at the normal hourly charge, minus the call out / travel charge.

We will observe government guidelines regarding future changes to this policy.

Telephone Ricky on 07968 961323