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We aim to provide a complete range of co­mputer repair services. Whether it is PC Based, Mac Based or Server.

We can correct all software problems, remove viruses or spyware and supply and install new hardware either replacements or upgrades.

We can build new PC systems to order and can provide network installation and maintenance, in the Office or Home.

If you are looking for a service not shown here, please contact us, and see if we can help.

Internet Setup or Problems

We can install and or supply a router and network, set up and configure your wireless or wired broadband connection or help with any Internet or e-mail problems you may be having. We can also optimize your Internet settings in order to speed up your connection or give advice on changing service providers.

PC  or Mac Crashing or Freezing

If your computer is crashing or freezing in the middle of your office application or favourite game,  Possibly a hardware malfunction is causing the problem, software has become corrupt or perhaps the drivers for the  installed components  just need reinstalling or updating- whatever the problem, Halpins have experience to assist you.

Software Problems

Are you having problems with your software, or perhaps you have loaded software, which has side effects or caused conflicts with existing software.

We can help with most software problems and with any issues relating to Windows, Apple Mac or servers.

Data Loss or corruption

We can attempt to retrieve any data that has become lost or corrupted.

 We can also advise on backup procedures and supply backup software if required.



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Association of Computer Repair Business Owners

Data Recovery- Advanced Data Recovery from Hardrives, USB sticks, memory cards, etc.


Halpins Computer Consultancy Services

PC and Apple Mac Upgrades

We install all makes and capacity of hard drives, memory, PSU power supplies, Intel and AMD processors, motherboards from all major manufacturers, graphics cards from manufacturers such as NVidia and ATI cards, Soundcards DVD & Blu-ray drives, routers, etc.

PC Unable to Boot or Blue Screens

If your computer will not boot, and there are error messages (blue screens of death) or it will only boot in 'Safe Mode'. These are common problems and we are experienced in identifying the source of the problem and restoring getting your computer back to perfect health.

Virus or Spyware Removal

Virus and spyware attacks are becoming more frequent and more serious, and can put your data and personal information at risk. These can be amongst the hardest computer problems to deal with. You may need our professional help to clear the virus, spyware, malware, Trojans and dangerous cookies and to repair the damage it might have done, in some cases this can damage hardware as well as software. We can install free anti-virus software and also advise about firewalls, Anti Spyware and other methods of protecting your computer.

Laptop and Apple MacBook, Hardware Repairs

We can replace hardware and components on all makes of laptop, including hard drive, memory, screen and keyboard.

Computer Training

We aim to provide one-to-one computer training, on request We can also offer basic training in all aspects of PC & Mac usage We can also give tuition in the use of most of the main software packages, for example, all Microsoft Packages, both PC and Mac.

Network LAN Setup and Server and Workstation Repairs

We are experienced in the design, installation and configuration of networks and in troubleshooting a variety of network and server related issues, whether it is Home or Office


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