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Halpins Computer Services as always we come to you, your home or office

We carry out Apple Mac and Microsoft Windows  computer on-site repairs, upgrades, sales, and training in Sussex Hampshire & Surrey, based near Chichester West Sussex.

Tel 07968 961323 email info@halpins.co.uk

Halpins Computers Your local experienced Computer Doctor for Windows   PC & Apple Mac

With landlines being taken off, and using them less in less, we will be turning off our landline number, and will only use our mobile number 07968961323.

Email info@halpins.co.uk


The majority of Halpins Computer Services computer repairs and upgrades can be completed at your home or office, if we need to take your PC or Apple Mac off-site to be fixed then we can arrange to return it to your home or office at a time suited to you FREE of charge.

You can trust us over 40 years locally within Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire in the Office Equipment and Computer business.


All Computer Windows & Mac upgrades and repairs

Support for Windows 7  & Windows Server 2008 has ended

After 10 years, support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 has ended on 14 January 2020.

Here know change can be difficult, so we are here to help you with recommendations for what to do next and to answer questions about end of support.

What does end of support mean?

As of 14 January 2020, your computer running Windows 7 or Server 2008 will still function but Microsoft will no longer provide the following:

Technical support for any issues

Software updates

Security updates or fixes

While you could continue to use your PC running Windows 7, without continued software and security updates, it will be at greater risk for viruses and malware.

Going forward, the best way for you to stay secure on Windows 10. And the best way to experience Windows 10 is on a new PC. While it is possible to install Windows 10 on your older device, it is not always recommended.

We can quote for free on the options to upgrade to Windows 10, first of all we have to make sure your computer will run Windows 10, as in some cases Computers hardware will be too old, or not be powerful enough, and may require more RAM memory or a new hard disk drive, in many cases a fast solid state drive will transform an older computer.

If you need a new computer with Windows 10 , or Server with Server 2019 we can quote for this, we do not just sell a box and let you get on with it, we set it up with the latest updates, and with your choice of software, anti virus etc, copy over your data, install it at your home or business, and give full on site support.

If you would like more information, and advice please call us on  07968 961323 or email info@halpins.co.uk.


Computer or Apple Mac freezing or crashing
Halpins can help speed your computer up
Do you experience your computer freezing in the middle of constructing an email or letter Do you see some strange error on the screen?  Do you see a black, white or blue screen appearing on start-up, Its probable you either have a hardware or software issue. We can solve this and bring back the health of your computer in no time, we are here to help with all your computer problems, wether it is a Windows PC or an Apple Mac Laptop or Desktop.

 Congratulations on buying your new computer
If you require assistance with setting it up or connecting it to the internet, we can help you all the way

 Halpins can help connect you to the internet

Call us to help you to see how it all goes together and even recommend extra things which will make your computing life even more productive.
Broadband & ADSL Installations
We are experts at  installing and setting up all makes and models of modems and routers on the market. Wireless connections are the way to go these days, let us configure your wireless environment so that no room is without an internet connection

Computer MOT Checks

Halpins Computer MOT

Computers, like cars, need to have a regular service and MOT. We can offer a full MOT on your computer, which includes health checks on all hardware, virus checks, software checks

Halpins Computers understand that most people are not interested in techno-speak. As such we are very well versed in explaining problems in plain-English and where possible, advising how best to avoid problems in the future.

It can be frustrating when computer problems arise. It is important to us that the process is as smooth and stress-free for you as possible.

Customer service at Halpins Computer Services principles; trust, competence and reliability are important

Appointments at a time that suits you

Out of Office Hours Appointments available on request Tel: 07968 961323

coverage of  all of West Sussex, East Hampshire and South Surrey

East Street, Selsey, Chichester, West Sussex.

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